Sunday Teaser from a work in progress- dirty…


signs of my gifts
blossom in blue and green
with each naked look
into your vanity
your mirror
each quietly sucked in breath
every time you sit
like a princess

with every caress
my fingertips
across your lovely cheek
you beckon me
crawl into the deepest darkest
regions of your thoughts
to pull out everything
expose everything

some would call these things

and maybe so
yet you ask for more

your eyes
filled with tears
for harder
for more

you keep returning
to the scene of our crimes
to get what I give
what you cannot find elsewhere
too embarrassed to ask for it
guilty in your need

I am your dirty little secret
our secret
and it is beautiful

yet you are the one
who it makes feel dirty…


The mind is the largest sex organ, but don’t forget about the ears…

A sample of my latest endeavor into audio books.  I’m still working out the details, like birds and cars, can’t they see I’m recording here?!

Get comfortable, have a listen, and if you know what’s good for you don’t do it in public. Unless that’s your kink, then by all means leave a wet spot on your office chair.

Either way it will be our little secret…

who does this belong to – a selection from “Make Me Take It from You”