About the Author

HL37 writes erotic poetry and short stories that capture the BDSM lifestyle as seen through his eyes. When he is not pushing words around with a pen, he can be found making whips, riding his motorcycle affectionately known as “the big red bitch” and planning his next tattoo.

He has been writing erotic poetry and short stories for over 10 years and recently published the first of several collections of his work thus far. Being active in the BDSM lifestyle allows HL37 to draw from his own experiences, which are a balance of mental and physical play.

BDSM is more than just hitting or punishment for HL37; it is about communication of needs, listening to the person he is with in that moment, and pushing them to grow and experience things they never imagined they were capable of. HL37’s goal is to relay this to the reader in a way that they can make it a personal experience of their own.


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